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    Hiking around Breckenridge offers an amazing variety of scenic beauty for all visitors to enjoy. From gentle, paved paths winding along the scenic Blue River to extreme hikes up the highest mountains in the area, Breckenridge offers hiking for everyone’s tastes and abilities.

    There are many excellent hiking trails in Breckenridge. Each trail on the Breckenridge Summer Trails Map leaves from a trailhead in town.

    Hiking is easy, fun, and can be extremely rewarding, but some preparation is necessary to ensure you have the best experience possible. Bring plenty of water, prepare for any weather, always wear good hiking shoes with socks, and remember to wear sunscreen and a hat. These trails are multi-use, so you may encounter other hikers, bikers, even horseback riders. Be friendly, and always stay on the trail.

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    Popular Hiking Trails:

    Watson Trailhead

    The Watson Trailhead is located in the southwest end of the skier parking lot on Watson Avenue.

    Snowflake Trailhead

    Access the Snowflake Trailhead from the Snowflake Lift parking areas.

    Carter Park Trailhead

    This trail is located at the eastern end of the Carter Park parking lot.

    Riverwalk Trailhead

    This trailhead is located in the northeast corner of the Riverwalk Center parking lot (large white tent in the summer).

    Illinois Creek Trailhead

    The Illinois Creek Trailhead can be accessed from the parking lot of the Stephen C West Ice Arena, from the southeast corner of the parking lot.

    Iowa Hill Trailhead

    About 1,500 feet past the intersection of Airport and Valley Brook roads, look for the trailhead sign on your left. From the sign, follow the dirt road to the north (right) to a small parking area at the end.