River Rafting in Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge Rafting

The scenery and splendor of Colorado surrounds Breckenridge. And what better way to experience it than a trip down one of the nearby rivers. Whether you’re looking for a mild, scenic float through gorgeous canyons, or an advanced, wild ride through raging whitewater rapids, Breckenridge has something for you. If you want a half-day, full-day, or overnight rafting experience, you can find it near Breckenridge. Some companies offer customized trips for large groups—even your entire office can raft. Highly trained guides using top of the line equipment will show you the experience of a lifetime.

Whitewater rafting shows you the splendor of Colorado’s rivers. River trips are available on the Arkansas River, Colorado River, Clear Creek, Eagle River, and Blue River. Whatever your desires, there is a rafting trip for you!

Rafting Trips Nearby

Bighorn Sheep Canyon, Class I – III

This trip is ideal for younger people or first-timers. You’ll find plenty of action as you paddle through Spike Buck, drop into Double Dip, and ride the waves of Shark’s Tooth.

Dowd Chute on the Eagle River, Class IV

Always a local favorite. If you’re ready for the ride of your life, the Dowd Chute is the place to be. Get ready for a wild ride from 5 feet or higher.

Scenic Beauty Ruby Horsethief on the Colorado River, Class I-II

Revel in the tranquility of Ruby/Horsethief, located on the Utah-Colorado border near Grand Junction. The southern bank of the river is mostly wilderness, offering beautiful scenery and ancient Native American petroglyphs. This is among the most mellow runs in the state.

State Bridge on the Upper Colorado River, Class II

Take your time wandering through the high desert scenery on the Colorado River, between Pump House and State Bridge (between Vail and Steamboat). For a little excitement, the few rapids interspersed throughout this trip can make a big splash. Inexperienced rafters should wait until runoff subsides.

Brown's Canyon on the Arkansas River, Class III

About 3 hours south of Vail, this is one of the state’s most popular rafting destinations. This trip offers swelling waves and rugged mountain scenery.

Pine Creek/Numbers on the Arkansas River, Class IV – IV+

This is the most challenging rafting on the Arkansas River. This section is filled with pourovers and steep drops.

Shoshone on the Colorado River, Class III

Experience Colorado’s classic rafting experience. First-timers and veterans alike enjoy the big, soft waves of Shoshone in Glenwood Canyon. This water can rage at an expert-only level, however, so if you’re looking for a relaxing experience, consider the Grizzly Creek just downstream.

Gore Canyon on the Colorado River, Class V

A huge adrenaline rush awaits you at Gore Canyon on the Colorado River. This rapid involves river-wide waterfalls and a good possibility for a swim. It’s a great time within the tight narrows of the razor-sharp cliffs of Gore Canyon.